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HVCCDE prides itself on running a professional and efficient car show.  From registration to vendors - simply put, no other organization does it better.  Select a tab for more information and to learn more about how we operate.


HVCCDE operates on average three shows per year.  We also host cruise nights on the last Friday of each month from March through October.

Want to know where we'll be?

For a complete listing of HVCCDE shows, please visit our shows page.  See you out there!
All Clubs Calendar
HVCCDE operates the most extensive car show calendar anywhere.  If you're looking for a one-stop solution to your show scheduling, look no further!  This is hands-down the best car show calendar anywhere in the tri-state area.

We get show information from multiple sources and compile them on a single calendar that can be easily sync'd with any calendar application.  Show locations are input, so you can GPS the destination and cruise there worry-free.  We include all of the information we get - so you'll always know as much as we do.  Never miss a show and stay in the know with our calendar.  Why would you need to go anywhere else?
Vehicle Requests
HVCCDE recieves a lot of vehicle requests for parades, weddings, birthdays, and other special events where a classic car, convertible, or other vehicle type is desired.

If you're looking for a vehicle for your special day, if you need a convertible to carry you in a parade, or if you're looking for a car to give your event a little someting more, then we may just be able to help!  Requests from this form are sent to a group of volunteers with a range of beautiful vehicles.  If someone is able to help you, they'll contact you directly.  Just send your information in, and wait for the call (or the email).  Best of luck on your special day!
How was your experience?
If you're happy with the vehicle request service, please consider revisiting this site to make a donation.  Every little bit helps, and your donation can be used to send a student to school, or to help HVCCDE continue to provide the best car shows in the tri-state area!  Thank you for your support!
Donations are processed through our online store.  Scroll down to the donations section and make your selection.

HVCCDE is not responsible for fulfillment of all requests.  HVCCDE is not liable for loss or damages resulting from the utilization of this service. This service is intended as a means of communication only.  Vehicle owner and requestor assume all risk and liability.
HVCCDE offers two forms of registration.

We're one of the only car clubs offering secure online pre-registration.  This is the best option for our participants.  Benefits of pre-registration include:
  • Discounted registration rates (where applicable)
  • Guaranteed reservation of your dash plaque
  • Guaranteed reservation of a goody bag
  • Guaranteed reservation of a show slot
  • Fast check-in - at some shows, you never even get out of your car!
Day of Show Registration
In any show, the most tedious process is registration.  For participants who complete registration on the day of the show, we have worked to streamline the process to make this as easy and efficient as possible.  HVCCDE's process is station-based, so payment, completion of a streamlined registration form and classing of your vehicle is smooth and painless.  If you plan to register the day of the show, here are a few tips that will make things even faster for you:
  • We accept cash or credit/debit card at registration, but cash is always quicker.
  • Address labels cut down on the time it takes to fill out registration forms.
  • For even quicker registration, download a registration form from the show's page (under "HVCCDE Shows") and fill it out before you arrive.
  • Review the "Classes" tab on this page to get through the classification process faster! 

We have one goal for our car show participants, and that is to provide a fun, stress free and relaxing event.  Our registration process takes the biggest point of frustration in any show and makes it a quick and friendly encounter so that you can focus on that final polish and settling in for the day!
Our Classification Process
HVCCDE will classify your car based on the information you give at the time of registration.

A number of factors are considered when we classify a car.  To understand how we do it, download our Classification Logic Chart.

Classification Logic Chart

Download File
HVCCDE Classes

  • Stock Antique (25 years - 1980)
  • Stock Classic (1979 - 1950)
  • Stock Vintage (1949 - Prior)
  • Modified (5 or more modifications)
  • Special Interest (All Others)
  • Classic Corvette (25 years - older)
  • Modern Corvette (24 years - newer)
Let's get into a little more detail on the classes themselves.  Please note that for all classes, all types of vehicles are welcome to compete.  This includes cars, trucks and SUV's.  Vehicles that do not fall within a regular car class will be classified as Special Interest.

Stock classes were grouped into model year brackets so that vehicles were more accurately grouped by style and technological similarities.  By doing this, we avoid having a 1903 Oldsmobile compete with a 1987 Buick Grand National (as an example).

Stock Antique (25 Model Years old - 1980 Model Year) (100 Series)
These cars must have fewer than 5 modifications from factory configuration, and maintain the overall manufacturer's appearance and original OEM performance.  See below for HVCCDE's definition of "vehicle modification."

Stock Classic (1979 Model Year - 1950 Model Year) (200 Series)
These cars must have fewer than 5 modifications from factory configuration, and maintain the overall manufacturer's appearance and original OEM performance.  See below for HVCCDE's definition of "vehicle modification."

Stock Vintage (1949 Model Year - All Prior Model Years) (300 Series)
These cars must have fewer than 5 modifications from factory configuration, and maintain the overall manufacturer's appearance and original OEM performance.  See below for HVCCDE's definition of "vehicle modification."

Additional Classes  were established to keep vehicles 25 years and older and in an OEM configuration from competing with newer vehicles or modified vehicles.

Modified (5 or more modifications) (400 Series)
Any vehicle, regardless of year, will be classified as a "Modified" vehicle if 5 or more modifications from factory configuration have been performed.  HVCCDE will class your vehicle as "Modified" based on the information you provide.

What is a "Modified Vehicle?"
HVCCDE defines a "modified vehicle" as:
Any car that has been altered or enhanced from its original equipment configuration for the purpose of appearance or performance. Typically the vehicle is modified with aftermarket components. Examples include (but are not limited to):
  • Custom paint jobs
  • Structural and/or visual alterations to the frame or body.
  • Significant performance enhancements (beyond factory performance).
  • Custom opening doors
  • Auxiliary lighting
  • Aftermarket wheels

Special Interest (All Others) (500 Series)
Any vehicle that is 24 model years old or newer will be classed as a "Special Interest."  These cars should not have more than 5 modifications from factory configuration.  Additionally, any vehicle that does not clearly fall within a defined class can be classified as "Special Interest."

Corvettes were classed by themselves due to the high number of Corvette clubs and Corvette owners who show their cars.

Classic Corvette (25 Model Years old - All Prior Model Years) (600 Series)
All Corvettes of model years 1953 to 25 years prior to the current year will be classed in this category.  If the Corvette is modified as indicated in the "Modified" class (5 or more modifications), then it will be classified as a "Modified" car.

Modern Corvette (24 Model Years old - Current Model Year) (700 Series)
All Corvettes of the current model year back to, and including 24 model years old will be classed in this category.  If the Corvette is modified as indicated in the "Modified" class (5 or more modifications), then it will be classed as a "Modified" car.

Overflow (800 Series)
The 800 series numbers are overflow for classes should any one of them exceed 100 cars. 

Excepted Class (900 Series)
Vehicles in the excepted class have paid the vehicle registration fee for the event, but have been excluded from judging or winning of any class award.  Vehicles in this category are eligible to win non-HVCCDE choice awards (such as Veterans Choice, People's Choice, etc.).  All HVCCDE judges will have their vehicles classed in this category.  There are no vehicle type or modification restrictions for this class.

Vehicle Judging
HVCCDE understands that judging and awards is an important part of our shows, and that is why we are committed to an objective, balanced, fair and transparent judging process.  HVCCDE members judge participant cars at all HVCCDE shows.
HVCCDE Judging Form

HVCCDE Judging Form

Download File
When it comes to judging, our values guide us.

No HVCCDE member who is judging a class will place a specific vehicle type, manufacturer, or vehicle style above that of another based on personal preference.  Club members are assigned a single class to judge at each of our shows.  No member will be assigned two classes.  This allows the judge to compare cars consistently across the class.

Vehicles are judged consistently on the factors identified on our judging sheet.  In order to keep judging standards consistent, our judging sheet identifies condition codes which helps to give judges a baseline by which to standardize point values.  This serves to make cars of like condition competitive, and reduces "skew."

HVCCDE club members are identified as judges BEFORE the start of the show.  Any member who has volunteered to be a judge for that show has their personal vehicle classed in the "Excepted" category, and is ineligible to win any class based award (but may still win a choice award which is decided by non-HVCCDE members).  This means that you can be sure that HVCCDE does not subscribe to the "buddy system."

How we choose Best in Show
Our judging process is a points based system.  The vehicle with the most points at the conclusion of judging will be awarded Best in Show, regardless of its class.  Additional awards are arranged so as not to allow one car to "stack" the results.  For example - if a car wins Best in Show, it will not win first in the class to which it was assigned (this does not apply to choice awards).  If the Best in Show car was classed as a Stock Antique, then the 2nd place car becomes 1st in the class, 3rd place becomes 2nd, and so on.  This allows for one additional car in that class to trophy.

What if cars tie for the same award?
Ties are unlikely based on our judging system, but they can occur.  In the event that vehicles tie for an award, different judges will re-judge the cars.  Cars will not be re-judged by the original judge.  After the cars are re-judged, individual category scores from each judge are averaged and a final point value is assigned.  The classes are then re-stacked in order of point value and new placement is determined.

We pride ourselves on the transparency of our process.  We are the only club that provides our judging sheet for download here so that anyone can see what cars are being graded on.  We also make class identification clear on participant cars by using a color coding system so that participants can see the other cars they're competing with.

Want to be a judge?
If this sounds like something you'd like to do, you can volunteer to be a judge at our shows.  All judges must be HVCCDE members, so if you'd like to wield a clipboard at our next event, you'll need to join up!  We would love to have you on our team!

Vendor Guidelines
Thank you for your interest in being one of our car show vendors!  Here you will find general guidelines for being a vendor at an HVCCDE show.  This page is intended to help potential vendors understand the selection process used by HVCCDE for each of our shows.  Additional rules and requirements can be found in the show's specific vendor agreement, which can be found by following the steps in "How to Apply" at right.  Please read over these at your leisure and, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Requirements for Participation
The Board of Directors of the Historical Vintage Car Club of Delaware strives to produce the best car shows anywhere in the tri-state area.  Therefore, we must insist on adherence to requirements outlined on this page, and specified in each agreement with regard to all vendors who participate in our shows.  Vendor applications received by HVCCDE are classified into the following categories:
How To Apply

  1. Visit the HVCCDE Shows page.
  2. Select the show you wish to participate in.
  3. Download the Vendor Agreement from the show's page.
  4. Read the agreement thoroughly.  Complete the applicable fields and sign.
  5. Send your agreement in to HVCCDE with payment to the following address:
Attention: Treasurer
P.O. Box 90
Milford, DE 19963
Questions?  Contact us here.
Primary Merchandise Vendors

Primary Merchandise Vendors will be given preferential consideration in all HVCCDE shows.  In order to be considered a primary vendor, products or services offered must be relevant to the automotive field.  Example include (but are not limited to):
  • Automotive memorabilia, parts, and/or accessories.
  • Automotive themed art.
  • Transportation themed merchandise, art, clothing, etc.
  • Automotive field businesses (repair shops, specialty services, dealerships, parts stores, etc.)
  • Specialty businesses (garage floor coatings, garage storage solutions, paving and seal coating, etc.)

Secondary Merchandise Vendors

Vendors of items which do not meet the criteria for Primary Merchandise Vendors will be considered by the HVCCDE Board of Directors for larger shows where vendor space restrictions do not apply.  Vendors who are determined to be Secondary Merchandise Vendors by the HVCCDE Board will be notified accordingly.  IF the show venue allows for additional space requirements, Secondary Merchandise Vendors will be considered on a first come, first placed basis.

Food Vendors

There are no restrictions on the types of food vendors that may be permitted to participate in our shows.  Food vendors must comply with all Health Department laws and regulations which apply to the operation and vending of food.  It is the responsibility of the vendor to acquire and maintain all appropriate certifications and inspections required by State and Local law.

Charity / Non-Profit

Organizations supporting local charities or causes may be included as vendors.  All organizations must be Delaware based (applies to this category only).  Examples include, but are not limited to:
  • Local Lions Clubs
  • Veterans Homes
  • VFW's / Legion Posts, etc.
  • Local Scout Troops

Supporting Organizations

Supporting organizations for show beneficiaries may be included as vendors.  An example of this would be a hospice care service setting up an information table at a show benefiting a Veteran's home.  The HVCCDE Board will make a determination with the show's beneficiary organization as to which vendors will be permitted to attend.

All applicants must provide detailed information on what merchandise they wish to sell, or which organization they wish to support.  HVCCDE Board will consider all entries.  As a part of the planning process of each show, HVCCDE and the host venue will agree upon a maximum number of vendors which will be permitted to attend based on location, logistics considerations, and available space.  HVCCDE will not exceed the number of vendors which has been agreed upon with the host venue, and will attempt to balance different types of vendors (listed above) as evenly as possible.  HVCCDE can not guarantee that all vendors (regardless of category) will be selected for shows.

Rules for Participation

In addition to the rules and requirements outlined in the show's vendor agreement (available on the show's page of this website), all vendors are expected to adhere to all rules that apply to the show in which they are participating.
  • HVCCDE has the right to exclude any product, media, or on-site exhibit that is not consistent with the club's guidelines.
  • Vendors must maintain an active display for the duration of the show as advertised.
  • Vendors will be permitted to set-up and tear-down at specific times before and after the show respectively.  Specific guidelines for set-up and tear-down will be provided by HVCCDE prior to the show.

Acceptance and Placement

You will be notified within two weeks of receipt of your application IF there is an issue or concern with your application.  Otherwise, you should plan to participate in our show, and you will receive confirmation with additional information on setup locations and load-in times.

Note:  Cashed checks serve as a preliminary acceptance as a participant.  Applicants who are denied space at the show will have their checks either destroyed or returned to them as they wish.

Manning Your Sales

Acceptance to the show requires a full day of exhibit.  It is the vendor's responsibility to have their booth presided over at all times from the beginning to the end of the show's advertised hours.

All vendors are responsible for tables, chairs, drapes, stanchions or any other equipment required for the utilization of their assigned space.  HVCCDE will not provide this equipment.  Excessively loud generators are not permitted.

Vendors may not extend displays beyond their assigned area.  All sales, demonstrations, discussions, or other activities (such as the distribution of literature or giveaways of any kind) must be confined to the vendor's assigned space.  Inflatable displays must be disclosed in advance with a photograph, and are subject to approval by HVCCDE.  Vending is permitted only from the assigned location.  No roaming sales or passing of sales literature is allowed at HVCCDE shows (excludes car show flyers).

Additional Requirements

Additional rules and requirements are outlined in detail in our Vendor Agreement.  Please see the instructions at the top of the page for downloading a vendor agreement for the show you wish to participate in.  Agreements are specific to each show.