HVCCDE Logo History

Our logo has gone through a few changes over the years.  See how far it's come!

Our bylaws codify the appearance of our logo in Article I, Section 2:

The emblem shall be an antique car in the outline of the State of Delaware inside of a diamond. The name of the Club as indicated in Section 1 shall appear within the outline of the logo. The HVCCDE emblem as approved by the Board of Directors shall appear on official correspondence, merchandise, and online in its most updated form.

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2020 - Present

For 2020, the logo was updated with a more detailed rendering of the car, and a new font.  The "inc." abbreviation was also dropped from the name in the border and the word "of" was moved from the lower left side to the lower right side of the diamond.  This logo also introduces color contrast between the inner and outer diamonds, which was occasionally seen on club publications in the early 1990's.


The club's "gold anniversary" was marked with a special logo that was used for one year only.  The center color of the logo symbolizes the 50th anniversary and is a match to the gold in the Delaware flag.  A darker shade of gold provides contrast for the "50" behind the state outline.  On either side of the inner diamond are the founding and anniversary years of the club, appearing in the same font as was used in the 1979-2013 logo.  Starting at midnight on 1/1/2019 and for that year exclusively, all club correspondence, merchandise, and other official appearances of the logo featured this unique variation of the club's diamond.  It was officially discontinued at 11:59 pm on 12/31/2019 and has not appeared on any club materials since that time.  

2017 - 2018

This version of the logo featured an update to the Delaware state outline, returned the font to a sans-serif typeface, and sharpened the vehicle graphic.  Another very subtle change adjusted the shape of the diamond to precisely match the one appearing on the Delaware flag.  This logo, and all subsequent logos appear in the club's official colors of Navy Blue and White.  This was the first significant update to the logo since 1979.

2014 - 2016

This logo features an update to the font in the border.  Compared to the previous logo, this serif font features a bolder presence.  The outline of the state and car in the center of the logo were also slightly enlarged to fill the space, similar to the sizing from the 1975 version.

1979 - 2013

This version of the logo was the longest serving official logo for the club, first appearing in early 1979.  This version was also the first to feature the Chevrolet roadster over the state outline - a nod to the club's original name.  Several variants appeared over the years (including an oval around the diamond, light blue fill in the center diamond, or a drop shadow on the left side of the diamond), but this version was consistently used as the club's primary logo for 34 years.

1976 - 1978

This logo was a variation of the club's original logo but substituted "Car" in place of "Chevrolet" when the club changed its name on 01 January 1976.  To accommodate that change, the upper and lower cogs of the bowtie were shaved off, leaving the club's initials, which remained unchanged, on a banner over the center of the state.  The drop shadow used on the state outline was carried across the bottom of the banner, giving it a raised effect.  This logo introduced a clean sans-sarif font which would remain until the logo's 2014 change.


The club's logo gained its iconic diamond in 1975.  As it appears on the state flag, the diamond outline is a nod to the First State's nickname, "The Diamond State."  This logo served as the club's official brand for 1975 only, as the name would change in the new year.

1973 - 1974

Further refinement of the logo sharpens the general design, fills out the club's name within the bowtie, and introduces the "Founded Jan, 1969" text at the base of the state outline.

1970 - 1972

This logo is a refinement of the original concept that was drawn in the first issue of the Stovebolt in 1969.  It moves the Chevrolet bowtie to the front of the state outline and introduces a drop-shadow along the left side of the logo.

1969 (Charter Concept)

This hand-drawn concept logo appeared on the club's charter after the first edition of the Stovebolt was issued.  This is the first time that the diamond was incorporated into the club's logo, appearing vertically instead of horizontally.  The center of the diamond includes an outline of the State of Delaware, an oval with the club's name, and a Chevrolet bowtie bearing the initials "VCCD."  
This logo never appeared in any club publications outside of the charter.

Note:  the bottom point of the diamond was missing in the only surviving copy of the charter.  It was restored for this rendering.

1969 (Original Concept)

The original logo was hand-drawn on the first issue of the Stovebolt, the club's official newsletter.  Originating as the "Historical Vintage Chevrolet Club of Delaware," it features a Chevrolet bowtie behind an outline of the State of Delaware.  The dot depicts Houston, where the club was founded, and the first meeting was held.  It is not known who penned the original drawing of the logo.