Brass & Vintage

(model years up to 1939)

This class highlights the earliest examples of the motorcar from the iconic Model T to the Model A roadster.

Greatest Generation

(1940 - 1959)

Vehicles in this class represent the most profound change in automotive style and technology.  It's the class that ushered in fins and gave us the legendary Bel-Air. 

Classic Era

(1960 - 1979)

Mustang, Camaro, GTO, Challenger... all nameplates that made up the muscle car era were forged during the 60's and 70's.  This class defined a new generation of automotive enthusiasts.

RADwood Era

(1980 - 1999)

Some of the most iconic cars in history came from the decade of excess.  The IROC Camaro, the DeLorean, the Testarossa, and the Countach changed the very definition of "sports car."  Automotive design went from heavy and boxy to lightweight and sleek - a trend that would continue into the 90's.

Millennial Era

(2000 - 2019)

The 2000's saw vehicle designs take on the aerodynamic "jellybean" style as fuel economy took center stage.  As the era continued, manufacturers refined this style to create unique and stylish bodies that endure today.  This created an era of automotive style all its own.

Modern Era

(2020 - Present)

Automotive history is being made every day with the introduction of electric vehicles into the mainstream automotive market.  With this comes new and aggressive styling, new technology, and ultimately a new generation of automotive history.  Manufacturers are also producing some of the most powerful and efficient internal combustion engines in history with powerplants such as the Hellcat, the GM LT4, and Ford's EcoBoost.


(all model years)

Any vehicle with 5 or more significant modifications from original equipment configuration is considered "modified."  This includes, but is not limited to altered suspension stance, upgraded powertrains, body modifications (such as tubbed or chopped vehicles), or custom paint jobs.  Options that were available from the manufacturer at the time of the vehicle's production which are installed by the owner is not considered a modification.

Vehicle Classes

ALL vehicles are welcome to participate in HVCCDE shows.  If it was legal to tag on a US roadway, then it's game!

Vehicles entering HVCCDE shows fall into specific classes.

Trophies are awarded in each class for the top three vehicles.

Outstanding Survivor awards are given for vehicles in each of the year-bracketed classes up to 1999.

Additional awards include:
Outstanding GM
Outstanding Ford
Outstanding MOPAR
Outstanding import
Outstanding orphan

All vehicles compete for
Venue Choice and
Best in Show.

Learn more about our classing system here!