The Stovebolt

Check out a back issue of The Stovebolt from our library!

Being the oldest car club in Delaware, we've got a pretty large back-catalog of newsletters.  We've uploaded them to Google Drive for you to have a look at!

All of the known extant back issues are here, although there are some missing.  Many of our longtime members have old issues stored away, and as we find them, we'll scan and upload them here.

Our newsletter library stretches all the way back to the club's founding in 1969.  Each year counts as a "volume," with individual "issues" in each year (typically 4 - 6).

A note about Volume/Issue (V/I) numbers:  
The Stovebolt started using V/I numbers in 1975 beginning with Volume 6.  This was correct in that it was the club's 6th year of existence.  However, the numbering system skipped a volume in 1980 (Vol 12 should have been Vol 11, Vol 13 should have been 12, and so on).  This error continued in 1981, and 1982.  There was no V/I number referenced in 1983, but 1984 continued the erroneous numbering.  This was finally corrected in 1986 with Issue 2 correctly appearing as "Volume 17."  Our archive assumes the correct volume numbering throughout the club's history, so volume numbers on documents from 1980 to 1986 will not match the file name or the folder number that they're in.  However, the documents are chronologically correct.  


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